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Pandigital Novel has been rooted

June 30th, 2010 by · 8 Comments · hardware news

A member of the SlateDroid tablet forum has just announced that he has rooted the Novel. I don’t have any details yet on how he did it, but I’ve seen enough pictures to believe him.


P.S. I still have my Novel, and I’m trying to get him to help me root it. I’ll post an update when I’m successful.

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  • Karen S.

    Any luck with this yet? If you ever get step by step instructions please post. I rooted my Nexus One, easy, but I don’t want to touch the Pandigital without being sure of the process. Thanks.

    • Nate the great

      Yes. I’m about to post a follow up. Sorry about the delay; the process only actually started working Thursday night.

  • karen

    any update rooting it? want to get one if it can be rooted. thanks

    • Nate the great

      Yes, it was rooted quite some time ago. Here are a good set of instructions:

      • k

        Bummer, appears to be a bad link now :(

        • Nate Hoffelder

          Yes, SlateDroid kept moving the forums around. After a while I just gave up on trying to find where a link should go.

          • Ken

            I’ll see what I can find on SlateDroid then. I just got the 9″ version about a week ago when they were on sale for $99.

            If I can get it rooted and install the Kindle for Android app and other things I’ve been wanting an Android tablet for (mostly writing software games and then testing them on Android and iOS devices), I might buy one or two more for my teenagers.

            Cool that you use WordPress for your site. I’ve written several plugins and other functionality for clients using WP and WPMU. :)

          • Nate Hoffelder

            There’s no need to root or do anything to the 9″ novel. It’s an open tablet. Just start installing stuff.

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