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Negroponte offere OLPC tech to India’s $35 tablet program

August 2nd, 2010 by · 2 Comments · hardware news, Indian Tablet

There was a rather interesting story on the GoodGearGuide blog Saturday:

The nonprofit organization One Laptop Per Child wants to join forces to help develop the Indian government’s planned US$35 tablet.

In a congratulatory note to the government, OLPC Chairman Nicholas Negroponte said the world needs the $35 tablet, and he offered the country full access to OLPC hardware and software technology.

I snickered a little at Negroponte, a man who never accomplished any of his pricing goals, offering the Indian program assistance with something he has failed to do. Heck, the only way he accomplished the $100 tablet was by co-opting a Marvel design.

Admittedly, we don’t know that the Indian tablet will succeed, but I think it has a better chance than OLPC.

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  • William Walsh


    But you do have to give him credit, Nate. The OLPC Program did have a solid effect on the PC Industry, driving them to develop for the low end market, and also driving Microsoft to be more cooperative with lower pricing for educational purposes (or risk driving adoption of Linux), driving software prices down to $3 per unit for educational purposes.

    • Nate the great

      I’ll give him credit for the idea, but it was Asus who were the driving force in the netbook market.

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