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B&N to hold “special event” next week

October 19th, 2010 by · 8 Comments · hardware news

Engadget are reporting that next week B&N will hold a press event¬† at their Union Square store in NYC. Right now everyone’s speculating on what type of ereader B&N will announce. I’m betting that this will be the large screen device I predicted based on the FCC paperwork we saw back in July.

Based on B&N’s trademark filings, the new device could be called the Nook 2 or the Nook Kids. (Or it might be called somehting entirely different.)

I won’t be attending; it’s not worth a trip to New York. I can cover this event without leaving my desk just as well as if I were there.

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  • Doug

    The July device is already being sold. It’s a reduced-cost design for the NOOK 3G, and has caused considerable consternation for the folks at nookdevs because it has different drivers in the software. If you try to “root” it using software for the old design, the unit gets irretrievably bricked.

    • Nate the great

      That’s what I thought when i first heard about the rooting problems. But if they’re announcing a new device, then where is the FCC paperwork? They’ve never had a press event for anything less than a device.

      • Doug

        My guess is no new hardware announcement. It’s too late in the year to be introducing new hardware. They got burned on that last year.

        There could be a minor hardware announcement like a NOOK 3G with Pearl screen and maybe a darker bezel. I don’t think that would require any design work. Not at all likely, but possible, would be a wired-only NOOK.

        It could be some internationalization for NOOK, but I’m thinking not.

        My guess is it’s a major price drop on NOOK for the holidays. But that’s just a guess. Heck, it could be that Len Riggio is taking B&N private and might not be NOOK-related at all.

        I guess we’ll know in a week.

        • Takahiro Fujiwara

          Nook1 was released October 20, 2009. Therefore next week is very calculable date for the new device release.

          • Zigwalski

            Maybe it was announced on October 20th but it was not released until February. It’s funny that it has not been that long ago that the Nook was released but it feels like an eternity.

  • Fbone

    It could even be a 3rd party device.

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