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How to find the iriver Story HD web browser

July 17th, 2011 by · 9 Comments · hardware news

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The Story HD was officially launched in Target stores today, and I got mine as early as possible. It’s an okay ebook reader, but I’m never one to be satisfied with the legit features. This evening I started looking  for the web browser. And I found it.

It turns out that the Story HD uses a mobile version of the Google eBookstore, and you’re visiting the site in a web browser. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an address bar. But if you know which links to click on you can get out of the ebookstore.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures; I didn’t find the trick until late at night. There just wasn’t enough light to shoot better photos.

My trick involves first entering the Google eBookstore, then going to the Help pages. When you’re on the first Help page, look at the links across the top. The one labeled Books will take you to, and that is one of Google’s home pages. You can jump from to by clicking on the “Web” link at the top. And once you’re on Google’s home page, you can search for a site and go just about anywhere.

The web browser doesn’t have an address bar, but it does have some basic features (previous page, next page, refresh, cancel). You can access them by pressing the options button.

I’d recommend searching for a site called Kinstant. That’s a site  that hosts webpages designed to work as start pages for the Kindle. The Story HD needs the help.

BTW, if you let the Story HD go to sleep, it will kick you out of the browser. So don’t let it sit too long.

This isn’t all that useful of a feature, but finding it was a neat trick.


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