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More details emerge on the Amazon Kindle Tablet

August 25th, 2011 by · 1 Comment · hardware rumors

Our good friends over at DigiTimes have come up with another rumor about the Amazon tablet. According to DigiTimes, Amazon added another supplier for the 7″ touchscreen component.

In response to reported concerns about Amazon shifting orders to TPK, Wintek and JTouch clarified that orders have not been lost, and that clients selecting additional suppliers when supply is tight is reasonable. Wintek stressed that it will start production of touch panels for Amazon as originally scheduled, with shipments to begin in September.

There’s no proof that this is true or accurate, but then again we don’t need it. This is the Amazon Tablet we’re talking about here; the only ones who needs proof of its existence are the heathens non-believers, and I have a nice little bonfire waiting for those folks.

But it’s good to know that the AmTab now has both a 7″ screen and a 10″ screen, it runs stock Android and a custom firmware, and it is due to come out in August, September, and October (it’s so important that they’re releasing it 3 times!).

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