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The Soundlogic XT is the Android Netbook Convertible You Never Knew You Wanted

April 29th, 2012 by · 67 Comments · hardware news

Today must be my day for finding weird stuff because I’ve got another one. The Soundlogic XT is that rarest of birds. It is both an Android netbook  and (thanks to the swivel hinge) a tablet.

This 7″ Android device showed up in one of my search alerts today. It’s on sale at Miejer, but given the info I found on it I don’t think it’s worth buying.

Still, it’s the odd duck of the Android ecosystem so I think it’s worth a brief look.

Update: I posted a brief review of the device.

It’s based around a standard cheap 7″ screen, and it’s running Android v2.2 Froyo on an 800MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM. That last detail is according to the one review I found, which was done by a soul luckier than me. It has 4GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, Wifi, speaker/mike, ethernet, but no camera or Bluetooth.

As you can see from the lead image, it has a nearly full keyboard (but shrunken because of the size of the screen) and a trackpad as well as the touchscreen. And if the review is to be believed, this device doesn’t have a g-sensor, so when you need to change orientation you will need to do it manually. I don’t think that will be a big issue, though.

It doesn’t ship with much in the way of software beyond the very basic email, web browser, file manager, etc. And as you can probably guess, it doesn’t have Android Market.

But that’s not the biggest issue with this device. The reviewer reports that build quality is cheap, it didn’t turn itself off at night, and that battery life is somewhere under 4 hours. Those last 2 are incredibly disappointing and they are good reasons not to get this gadget. On the other hand, it’s weird enough that I’m tempted to get one just to collect it.

It’s not the first convertible I’ve seen; they’re old hat. It’s not even the first with a mobile OS; that would be the Intermec 6651, a 10 plus year old device that hardly ever heard of. Now that was a handheld that was ahead of its time; it even had a camera (320×240). It was also probably built with higher quality parts, but then again it retailed for over $1,000.


  • Android 2.2
  • 7″ (800×480) resistive touchscreen
  • 800 MHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 4GB Flash storage
  • microSD card slot
  • Wifi
  • mike/speaker
  • 10/100 ethernet
  • USB Host
  • UPC: 044902055348



67 Comments so far ↓

  • meth

    For the money, why not just get an HTC shift for $199? You can run windows mobile 6.x-7, xp, vista, win7, win8, and android variants.

  • Andy Ward

    I got given one of these. So, I can’t complain about price or apps or anything. :) What I’m wondering… can I get a USB antenna for GPS to work with any Android GPS app? Seems I could use it for GPS and email when traveling, etc. Thanks!

  • Timster

    piece of crap. Got it thru Meijer for $137 (including state tax) thru their great steal email; arrived today, charged it, and cannot get it to work past the opening screen, which also has a vertical straight line at approx the first third of the screen. apps do not appear, tried the reset, nothing works. appeared as new, not a factory refurb, will return tomorrow. Was a primer for an Ipad (not an apple fan) but will prob splurge for one. Also the 2nd Android
    device purchased & returned. Google has a long way to go !

  • Sue

    I just got mine in the mail and I can’t figure out if there is a special button or setting I have to use to be able to use the keyboard? The touch screen works fine but I want to use the keyboard


    • Nate Hoffelder

      I don’t know. Mine simply works.

    • roky

      In case you are not familiar with Android usage, you probably first need to tap the part of an app that needs input, then it should “activate” the keyboard as it would with an onscreen keyboard popping up as needed for input on a “pure” tablet with no physical keyboard.


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  • Linda

    I just got it today and I can’t fingure out how to get the screen. It says”touch crosshair to calibrate”. What in the heck does that mean? Help!!!

  • Nick From Honolulu Hawaii

    For all those complaints. Try using a 16gb micro sd CLASS 10 memory card. With the CLASS 10 speed of the memory card i have had excellent results. Got mine through HEARTLAND AMERICA discount catalog for $129.00 deal. No complaints here works as advertised have always been an ANDROID operating system fan.

  • John

    Uhh ive had this for a while and im still using froyo.. how do i update it even to ice cream??

    • Nate Hoffelder

      I don’t know of any updates for this device. You’re only option is to find a hacker who is interested in working on developing a new firmware. It’s beyond the skills of the average user.

  • Jason

    Can’t get this thing to connect to my wifi. It recognizes it in the search, allows me to put in my password but that’s it. Never connects. Have two of these for gifts and on the verge of returning. Can anyone offer some help?

    • mARIE

      Did you ever get this connected to WIFI? I can’t seem to get mine connected and I am having the same problem.

      • Nate Hoffelder

        Mine did.

        Have you tried googling for a troubleshooting guide for Android/Wifi?

        • mARIE

          I tried that but it’s not working. It keeps scanning and then disconnect. I am having the same issue as you did. How did you get it to work?

      • Sara

        i have this device and have for sometime now, it sucks and i am constantly trying to figure out what the hell the point of it is. i originally installed the amazon app market and it just stopped working. the only actual app i was using was the kindle app and that stopped working as well, no matter what i tried to do. i tried uninstalling, there aren’t any software updates. tried master reset, reset, everything and nothing works. mine did not come with a usb cord to install into my pc to install updates that way and i am def. not wasting anymore money or time on this. also, it does NOT get a good wifi connection unless you are literally sitting onto of the router. This is not the device to buy if you want to download any type of apps.

  • Confused

    I’m a bit confused. Since it has no marketplace, does that mean if I get it, I’m stuck with whatever apps it comes pre installed with? Or is there a way to add the apps? I was considering getting this, because it fulfills my dual needs for a netbook and a tablet (and it’s REALLY cheap).

  • patty t

    I cannot get the language to English.


    I have had mine for about a month and it serves my purpose. The only thing is I want to turn my screen from horizontal to vertical. I know it can be done, I have done it accidentally a few times. Please advise,

  • Theresa Blake

    I bought this, and I have downloaded 3 ebooks onto it. I am unable to read them. It automatically does a force close on them when I attempt to open any of them. Anybody know a fix?

  • kandy valdez

    Can the system be upgraded to android 4.0?

  • cookie

    Piece of crap. It’s slow and Battery life sucks.

  • Chris

    Can you get android market on there? If so how?

  • leslie

    waste of material and time

  • Bonnie

    My daughter got this for xmas and she was messing with the screen darkness setting and now the screen is black and cant get it back to normal can anyone help Ive tried rebooting it and using the reset button,

  • Johnny

    With was working fine and then one day it stopped going past the initial start up screen. All I get when I turn it on is the Android screen with the flashing cursor. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve tried other forums but have not been able to find any good reliable results.

  • Rick

    Mine worked for just over the 30 warranty period. Now it will not go past the android screen.

  • kathy williams

    I am having diffuculty with the charging of the device. I believe the dock area in the device is broke. does anyone know of a way the charge the device without using a dc9v or of a place they may repair the input. this is my daughters and would really like to get it back working any advice is appreciated. There does not seem to be a needle in the input and looks like there should be one.

  • gigi

    well i bought this item,when i received it i turn it on it seems to work. I bought it for my nephew in another country. put it away and now just took it out saying i could use it for school. Now it wont pass the flashing screen with the word android… what can i do. My husband said it is a piece of crap, cheap crap…




  • Chris

    I have one of these and my daughter got ahold of it and put a password on it and promptly forgot it, is there any way around the password? Or a way to factory reset it without going into the menu?

    • Zan

      I have one of these that a child put a swipe pattern on it and doesn’t remember it as well. I have tried the reset and also removing the battery but neither has worked. Any ideas out there???

      • Thomas

        On most tablets, if you fail the pattern unlock multiple times, it will ask for your gmail account. Is that what is happening?

  • mary clark

    I lost my cable that charges my tablet. Please help me find one.

    • Nate Hoffelder

      I am away from home at the moment so I can’t check my unit, sorry.

      But I do know that if you go to Radio Shack you will be able to assemble a replacement. They have a standardized replacement kit that will let you match a specific tip with a generic charger.

  • Soundlogic XT is crap

    My wife bought this on the internet and she turned it on once and never came back on, so it is crap and don’t buy one.

  • Marcelo José de Souza

    Olá a todos. Tenho um aparelho destes, remarcado como Mox Pad 738. Não concordo com os comentários acima. O aparelho é bom: é apenas limitado. Consigo estudar, navegar na internet e manter minha contabilidade, sempre levando em consideração que o aparelho possui processador fraco e pouca memória. Se vocês não o usam mais, podem envia-los para mim. Entrem em contato via e-mail para que eu possa encaminhar as instruções de envio.
    Hello everybody. I have a unit, rebranded Mox Pad 738. I don’t agree with the oppinions I have read above. The gadget is indeed good: it’s just a limited computer. I can do my web surfing, e-mail, chatting with Skype (no video, no voice) – always aware about the weakness of the processor and small memory. If anyone of you want to get rid of such device, please send it to me. E-mail me for shipping directions. Thanks.

  • Lily

    NATE HOFFELDER PLEASE HELP!!!! Please tell me how to factory reset my SoundLogic XT Android netbook. Or how to fix it. Every time I power it on it gets stuck/freezes stays on the android_ loading screen. Please help!!!

  • Lily

    I’ve tried that with no success. But I appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • carol

    passwordsneeds to get reset – does anyone know how

  • MrsBlinky0

    Does anyone know where I can find an instruction manual for the SoundLogic XT?

  • imran

    sir i have model no ks-umpco70vk mtg-571 when i power on then stil on androied plz hellp me

  • jessegpcr

    How would a person go about wiping the firmware and reinstalled the OS. It is the only way to get back to the out of the box state. Need bootable thumb drive to install firmware. Google will not share. I like the little thing but I installed to many apps and lock unit at start screen. Will not go pass that point. It schemes to be out of memory and will not let OS start.

    • Nate Hoffelder

      I don’t know of any way to perform a factory reset other than from the settings menu.

      Have you tried a hard reboot? This would boot the device with just the core apps. It might help.

  • jessegpcr

    I have tried: 1) Reset via pin hole on bottom of unit. 2) Power down via power button. 3) Allowing the power to run completely out. Is there some other way to restart with bare bones start-up? Is there an internal battery that holds setting? What method do you use to boot with only system services?

  • anonymous

    I need help. Yesterday the screen started showing colorful vertical lines on it when I was charging my tablet. I pressed the reset button but it did not help. any advice would be helpful.

    • Nate Hoffelder

      Do the lines appear when you are using the tablet? If so then you probably have a problem with one of the chips inside the tablet. Basically the tablet is dead.

  • Katrina

    when i turn it on it shows the android logo the the screengoes black. whats up with that. any suggestions

  • kiynejoste

    Does anyone know where to get a charger for this ? or if someone has a number that i can call to help me with getting one

  • Loli

    Lol, I found one of these in the box outside the dumpster at my apartment complex!
    I got it to work once but I have all of the same issues of the previous posts. I find it very hard to comprehend anyone paying over 30 bucks for this new. I would like to find the manual and was rooting around on Bing and came across this thread. I am seriously considering using it for target practice on the mesa. Sorry Nate some wyrd birds are meant to die.

    • Marcelo

      Hi! Would you sell me tour device? I van pay fifteen Bucks for it. Look at my blog. I had onde of these and I Sant another one. Blog:

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