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Today is the International Day Against DRM

May 4th, 2012 by · 10 Comments · DRM, opinion

Throw off your shackles!

It’s 4 May 2012, the unofficial holiday dedicated making more people aware of DRM and how to remove it.

I have long taken the position that one should always remove DRM in order to make sure you don’t lose your purchases, whether it’s due to switching computers, changing to a new ereader, closure of an ebookstore, or if a publisher simply decides to cut off access to the ebook.

The above issues happen more than you might think, and they could cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars in lost content. Just this past fall Mobipocket shut its doors, and MSReader is set to follow it into the graveyard later this year.  What’s more, even the ebookstore issue crops up more often than you might expect. I recall when Fictionwise lost their contract with OverDrive. I lost a number of titles in the changeover to other suppliers. And given the way that B&N appears to be strangling Fictionwise, it could end up as dead as Mobipocket.

If readers don’t back up and strip the DRM from the ebooks, how will they read them?

There are any number of ways to remove DRM, including a set of plugins for calibre (Google Apprentice Alf). But the easiest method IMO is ePUBee.

This is a FREE 1 step removal tool for Epub and PDF encumbered by Adobe Adept DRM. I’ve just looked over the site and I notice that there is now an app for removing the DRM from Kindle ebooks as well. I haven’t tried the Kindle tool yet, but I think it’s worth your time to take a look.


P.S. The above tools can also remove DRM from loaned ebooks and library ebooks. Please don’t.


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