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Amazon Snags Trademark for FireDock as New Amazon Kindle Clears the FCC

August 21st, 2012 by · 12 Comments · fcc

Last week I told you that Amazon sent their new Kindle Fire through the FCC, and today I think they decided to keep it company with a new ereader.

I’ve just found a new set of FCC paperwork from another anonymous LLC. This time around the company is called Hannaford LLC, and it has a different contact name and mailing address. But like the LLC mentioned last week, this one happens to reside in an office suite belonging to CSC. It also seems to be run by an employee of CSC.

Don’t you just love it when Amazon makes it easy for you?

While last week’s paperwork referred to a Wifi equipped tablet, this one mentions an “electronic display device” called the EY21. All the interesting details will be concealed until February, but there are enough hints in the tests conducted to suggest this is a device with both Wifi and 3g/4g (I don’t understand the frequencies) .

The tests mention that an iPod earbud was used, so clearly it has sound as well, but there’s no indication that they tested the frontlight. We can guess that this is an E-ink Kindle from the description (a tablet would be called a tablet), but I don’t think this is the frontlight equipped Kindle we had been hoping for.

So it looks like Amazon is planning to repeat their Kindle Fire event of last year. Some time in the next couple months we’re going to see a new Kindle Fire, a new Kindle, and a dock for the Kindle Fire.

Oh yeah, Amazon owns the trademark for the term Firedock. This word had originally been registered by Grace Digital Audio, and they planned to use it for their Kindle Fire dock (which is now called the Matchstick). The trademark now belongs to Amazon. Coincidence? I think not.

Now, I don’t know that the Firedock will be unveiled at the same time as the new KF and Kindle, but it would make a very effective Jobsian “one more thing” moment. And Amazon would sell a truckload. So I am pretty sure we’re going to see it soon.

FCC ID A8Z-2690



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