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Onyx is Working on an E-ink Smartphone (video)

October 16th, 2012 by · 11 Comments · hardware news, video

Remember how last month E-ink showed off a smartphone prototype and promised that someone was working on the idea? I just found one.

Charbax is in China at the moment and he got his hands on the latest product from the Chinese ereader maker Onyx.  This is a straight smartphone design, not the dual sided demo unit which we saw a while back. But it is also a working unit with Wifi, 3g, and it runs Android. The prototype doesn’t have a name yet, so right now Onyx is calling it the E-ink phone.

I’m not sure what size the screen is, but it looks to me like this is the 4.3″ screen found on the Trekstor Pyrus Mini. But I can tell you that the screen is flexible, the touchscreen is capacitive, and the battery life is expected to be 1 month.

The smartphone shown below is the very first prototype, and this video s the first time it’s been seen in public. No official release date has been set but Onyx plans to officially launch it some time next year.


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