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Kindle Fire HD is On Sale Again Today – All Models

December 12th, 2012 by · 23 Comments · hardware news

kfhd amazon mom saleIt looks like Amazon didn’t sell enough Kindle Fire HD tablets on Monday, because they’re running the sale again – with a twist. This time around the retail behemoth is placing all current models of the Kindle Fire tablet on sale, and that includes the second gen Kindle Fire.

All the tablets have a decent discount, with prices ranging from $20 to $50 off, but there is a catch. You have to be signed up for the Amazon Mom membership program. This program is free to Amazon Prime members, but it does require that you hand over some personal info. Still, that might be annoying but it is a small price to pay for a discount. You can always provide fake details (I don’t really have 366 kids).

You’ll need to enter the code FireMoms before you checkout or you won’t get the discount. Or at least that code is supposed to reduce the price; it didn’t work for me. Caveat Emptor.

Some of my readers commented on Monday that that sale was a sign the larger KFHD was a bust. After all, why else would it be on sale?

I disagreed at the time because a single sale does not mean much beyond a sale; for example the Kindle DX had its own one-day sale last year and yet that ereader stuck around for another 8 or 9 months. But now that Amazon has decided to have a second sale the same week as the first, I think I might change my mind.



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  • steve

    This is interesting. Wasn’t expecting this. Incidentally, I’ve been reading about what’s moving through the retail channels this season, and apparently the lower end, sub-100 dollar off brand tablets are just exploding. If you look at the best sellers on Target and Walmart websites, it’s names like Visual Land Prestige, Ematic, the Maylong M270. A lot of the big hardware makers, including Amazon, might be getting undercut in a big way this holiday season.

    • Mike Cane

      Don’t be fooled by them carrying stock. That doesn’t mean they’re selling. And most drop dead with six months, if that long.

      • steve

        I’m skeptical the off brand stuff is worth the money. I wouldn’t buy a Maylong M270 myself, but apparently a lot of people, people who dont’ have a lot of money, the sort of people who go to Target and Walmart are giving tablets a try. I’m guessing most of these first time buyers are going to go away unhappy.

        From the article:

        The good news: sales at US retail are up 177 percent from the same period last year. Revenue: 91 percent. However, average selling prices are way down — to $151 from $219 a year ago.

        The sales figures do not include Kindle Fire, which likely would lift ASPs, as the lowest-priced model sells for $159, which is higher, and new models range from $199 to $499. However, a $129-promotional price days later likely drove down overall selling prices. Right now, that data isn’t available.

        Since the ASP is also lower than prices offered for big brand Androids, this morning I asked Stephen Baker, NPD’s vice president of industry analysis, if sales represented “off-brand mostly — meaning not ASUS or Samsung?” “Yes, off brand, there were a lot of different brands”, he responds. Android tablets popped up at seemingly non-traditional retail stores — that is for consumer electronics: “Cheap Android promotional tablets at places like Kohl’s, Walgreens etc.”, Baker says, “lots of stuff under $100 this year”.

        • fjtorres

          Suddenly, it’s 1985 all over again.
          That was the year when the single biggest piece of the PC pie, by far, was “other”.

  • Mike Cane

    Two words: iPad Mini.

    • fjtorres

      Could be. Could also be the Nexus 7.
      Nook HD+ running at $259 might have something to do with it, too.
      The FireHD9 has significantly better specs than the Nook but it is in areas that aren’t immediately obvious (audio, WiFi throughput).
      They might have overestimated the appeal/value-add of those features.
      As is, I’m sorely tempted to go NookHD+.
      Only the need to use ADB to sideload is holding me back…

      • Mike Cane

        HD+ has been rooted. Never underestimate the usefulness of a card slot — which FireHD lacks.

        • fjtorres

          Full persistent root?
          Hope it’s not too tricky to pull off…

          • Mike Cane

            Last time I checked, not yet full root. There’s a bit that B&N has walled off that they are still working to break through. But for most purposes, it is good. Go see XDA. The Nook HDs now have their own forum.

  • cookie

    An amazon mom member with a Prime membership?

    F that!

  • David

    Didn’t work. I used my wife’s account…no discount. And no notification of a sale anywhere I could find.

    Oh well.

  • fjtorres

    The FireHD9 a dud?
    Well, there’s dud and then there’s “duds”, no?
    A lot depends on expectations; at $299-359, the FireHD9 isn’t really aimed at the bargain bin buyers and its design wasn’t aimed that way (not with that audio system and WiFi) but if slow sales drive prices down I’m not going to cry.
    I was already inclined to wait til Jan to choose between NookHD+ and FireHD9; now it makes a bit more sense to wait.
    I do wonder how the Nexus10 is doing…

  • Tyler

    I don’t see this ad at all on their website. Link?

    • Tyler

      Here is why the code doesn’t work…

      • You must be a current member of Amazon Mom and a paid member of Amazon Prime. If you are a new Amazon Mom member or just became a paid member of Amazon Prime, the promo code will become available 24 hours after activation of your account.

      I just signed up to Moms so in a day the code should work.

  • David

    On the bright side, I was using Tor and Amazon decided my account was hacked, so they canceled the order. Well, two orders–I tried to get a case, too.

    Now I’m waiting to see whether they’ll actually fix their goof. I’d re-order, but I don’t want two of the damn things. Theoretically I’ll hear something within 24 hours.

    Maybe they don’t like people who use Tor? Sheesh. Did my exit relay smell like ass, or what?

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    [...] met en réduction ces Kindle Fire ! Non vous ne rêvez pas, mais l’offre a été valable uniquement aux Etats Unis et ne semble plus d’actualité. Attention, si les tablettes ont bien eu une promotion il faut s’inscrire au Mom membership program d’Amazon US qui semble être assez contraignant. De toute façon c’est offre n’est pas disponible en France, mais il s’agit là de quelque chose à rapprocher du problème des liseuses aujourd’hui et de leurs ventes décevantes (a priori). Source : The Digital Reader. [...]

  • Colin

    Another possibility is that the response to the first sale was so strong that they decided it was worth it to run another in the name of market share. Hard to say, but there are kindle fire/hd sku’s all over amazon’s best seller list…

  • Tim Wilhoit

    I missed this one. However, Amazon has a $30 off Wi-Fi/$50 off 4G sale today. (Use code “FIRELOVE.”) That’s close enough for me…I’m getting one. “While supplies last,” of course.

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