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Nook HD, HD+ Now on Sale at Staples, Target

December 16th, 2012 by · 18 Comments · hardware news

nook-hd-plus-xl[1]As one of my readers has told me in the ongoing debate over B&N’s hardware sales, it’s important for Barnes & Noble to have involved third-party retail partners. I’m sure that reader is going to be pleased to learn that 2 of B&N’s retail partners have the new Nook hardware on sale right now.

Target is offering a $30 gift card with the purchase of any Nook HD or Nook HD+. The offer does not appear to be good in stores, just online, but I don’t think that will matter once you see the sale that Staples is having.

This office supply chain is selling B&N’s new gadgets on their website for $50 to $70 off.

nook hd plus staples

Yes, you can get the Nook HD+ for $200 (I paid $270, dammit).

You can also get the Nook HD for $150.

Don’t worry, I’m sure B&N didn’t authorize these sales as a way of moving stock. I’m sure it’s just coincidental that B&N’s hardware has now gone through what, 8 sales this holiday season while the Kindle Fire has seen (I think) 3 sales.

I’m sure there’s no inverse relationship between how well the hardware is moving and the number of online sales. All is well.

P.S. Would you like to buy a bridge?


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  • fjtorres

    Too bad they don’t have the 32GB model on sale at Staples.

  • Mike Cane

    >>>(I paid $270, dammit)

    And not a peep about it here in any detail in a post.

  • Tyler

    Target has it in their stores.

  • Mizzbee

    Mr. Nate, thank you for that money saving tip. I went to Barnes and Nobles today and played with the Nook HD+. Loved it but wanted to wait for a cheaper price. I was thinking at Jan/Feb 2013 returns to stores (Best Buy and etc.). When I read your tip, I immediately went to Mr. Rebates then to Staples. I got a page that looked like a corporate order page. I ordered the Nook HD+ for $209.00 minus 10.00 instant coupon = $199.00. I am having it sent to the Staples store for pickup. I have been burned at Christmas before when someone stole a package sent to me by my mother. I will get 3% back from Mr. Rebates. Tell your family to join, so far I have $171.00 and more pending in my account. Well, Thank you and sleep tight and do not let the bedbugs bite.

  • fjtorres

    Out of stock today.
    They sure cleared that channel fast.
    (Nice to know at what price the thing will move.)

  • cookie

    I tried to buy this device, going as far as putting it into the cart and proceeding to checkout. But something in my deep subconscious was telling me “don’t do it”, “don’t do it”.

    I think it is because I want the better sound quality from the Kindle fire.

  • flyingtoastr

    BN hasn’t had 8 sales vs. Amazon’s 3 on hardware. They’ve had the same number. BN just actually has retail partners (while Amazon does their best to alienate everyone else) so it looks like there are additional sales. Each of those partner sales happens at the same time BN has a sale, as it’s probably written into the contracts that when BN has a sale partners are allowed to as well.

    • Nate Hoffelder

      Except that the Black Friday sales were all at different prices, and count as 3 sales. And the current pair of sales are different offers, and count as 2 sales. Add the 2 on the Nook Touch and Nook Glow and we are up to 7 sales.

      • flyingtoastr

        So you’re making the argument that unless the sale price is exactly the same it’s a different sale?

        Then Amazon has had a lot more than 3 sales as well.

        There was their Black Friday deal. There was the Best Buy Black Friday deal. Staples and Office Max also had different Black Friday deals. Amazon ran a Cyber Monday deal, as well as their two random sales in the last couple weeks. And Best Buy is still running a promotion on KF’s. And all of these were at different prices and promotions, so they all count as separate sales by your criteria.

  • Meth

    Looks like Staples killed the sale early.

    Went to pick one up yesterday in-store, but apparently the stores were still selling them at full price, and didn’t want to price match their own website.

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