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Siri is Now Pitching iBooks

November 21st, 2013 by · 3 Comments · Apple, humor

Apple has long been tweaking Siri in order to keep the responses relevant and witty, but earlier this week Apple added a dash of self-promotion to the mix.

TUAW has discovered that Apple has added a new canned response. Ask Siri where you can find a bookstore and the virtual assistant just might direct you to buy from iBooks:

Screenshot 2013scaled.11.21 15.16.06

It doesn’t happen every time, and the self-referential adverts weren’t offered when TUAW asked buying music or videos. And on a related point, Apple has also refined book-specific queries to be more specific. Queries like “Where can I go to read a book?” no longer generate a useful response. Instead the question needs to be more specific.

I’ve never had an iPhone, but I have always enjoyed reading about Siri’s ever changing quirky responses. I’ve also been putting together a list of quirky questions to ask. For example, if I ever get the chance I plan to tell Siri that I am going to trade her for a dog and shoot the dog. Any idea what the response would be?


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