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Acer to Launch ChromeOS Tablet This Month? Probably Not

April 8th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Chrome, Google, hardware rumors, Rumors, Tablet → 1 Comment

Rumors tablet2.141[1]have been circulating for 4 years that Google wanted to build a ChromeOS tablet and now it looks like the rumors might be about to come true.
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Marvell Showed Off Android TV at CES 2014 (video)

April 7th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Android, Google, hardware news, video → 2 Comments

Whenandroid tv marvell 2014 ces details about Android TV leaked this weekend, little was known about Google’s second venture into the living room aside from the name and what it would look like.

The Android TV effort, which had been in the works for quite a while, had been kept a close secret at Google. Or maybe it wasn’t.
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Google is Getting Ready to Inspire a Dozen Fire TV Competitors

April 5th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Android, Google → 7 Comments

It’s only Android-TV[1]been days since Amazon unveiled their living room gadget, the Fire TV, and now new leaks suggest that Google is working on a similar product.

The Verge got their hands on documents concerning something called Android TV. Almost no hardware details are known about it, but it looks to me like Android TV is intended to do for TVs what Android Wear did for smartwatches:
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Google Newsstand Updated

April 2nd, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Google, News Reader → No Comments

Google google newsstandrolled out an update today for their 5 month old Flipboard competitor.

According to the changelog, the update includes a number of subtle improvements and bug fixes, including new support for rtl languages and a new home screen widget. But according to my source, the update adds a number of interface changes.
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New Dual-OS Tablet From Ramos Raises Doubts that Google, Microsoft are Blocking Dual-OS Devices

March 23rd, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Android, Google, hardware news, Microsoft, Tablet, Windows → 2 Comments

Bothramos i10 pro Microsoft and Google are said to have put their foot down and blocked tablets that run both Android and Windows 8, but if that’s true they seem to have missed one.

The Chinese gadget maker Ramos unveiled a trio of new tablets on Thursday, including one which ran Windows and Android.
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Huawei Cancels Plans for Dual-OS Smartphone

March 19th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Android, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, Smartphone, Windows Phone → No Comments

Last weekHuawei_Ascend_W1_Blau[1] Huawei reportedly said that they wanted to release a dual-boot Windows-Android smartphone in the US, but now it seems the company has changed its tune. A newly released statement from the Chinese gadget maker explicitly denies any interest in the idea.
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Android Wear is Intended to Render Existing Smartwatches Obsolete

March 18th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Google, Smartwatch, Wearable → No Comments

Google’s android wear 2first wearable, the Google Glass, has generated a lot of media attention since it debuted a couple years ago, but I think it may have always been intended as a sideshow in Google’s wearables effort.

The main show was unveiled today, and if it lives up to the early hype then Android Wear is going to be much bigger than the $5,000 Google Glass.
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Microsoft Now Blocking Dual-OS Devices

March 14th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Android, Google, hardware news, Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone → 6 Comments

Rumorsapple_vs_android_02[1] have been circulating for the past month or so that Google objected to Asus making devices that ran both Windows and Android, but it looks like they may have been off base.

The WSJ is reporting this morning that it wasn’t just Google that objected to the idea, but also Microsoft. The WSJ got their hands on an internal Asus memo which laid out Microsoft’s new policy:
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Google Adds New Password Option for Purchases in Google Play

March 14th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · app store news, Google, Google Play → No Comments

Arriving nexusae0_Untitled-7_thumb[1]too late to prevent a class action lawsuit, Google rolled out a new update this week for Google Play. The update adds a new option for requiring passwords, it rearranges a few of the menus, and it adds a bulk install option.
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Google Cuts Prices for Storage on Google Drive

March 13th, 2014 by Nate Hoffelder · Cloud Storage, Google, Google Drive → 10 Comments

If you google_drive_logo_3963[1]have been thinking about storing your ebook library in the cloud then I have some good news today; one of your options just got a lot cheaper. Google announced on Thursday that they are cutting the prices on Google Drive.
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