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Attention Kobo Customers:

If you have been sent here by Kobo customer service, sorry but they sent you to the wrong place. I am not the tech support for the Lookbook, Slick, Literati, or any other device. Please leave a comment and I will try to connect you with the correct service department.

For everyone else:

You can reach me any number of ways, but I’d prefer my Gmail account. The username is nate.hoffelder. (If you look really hard you can probably find my telephone number.) The mailing address is:

13884 Montoclair ln.
Woodbridge, VA, USA, 22193-4467


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  • Chris Watkinson

    Just a little confused…I wrote under my name and e-mail…With a way of curing the Pandigital Black Novel update problems…And saved the text on your site…But have no idea where it was posted to ….This text is all about “good news”…so I wanted to share it with others….Chris.

    • Nate the great

      If it was useful information I probably copied the comment to another post. I don’t like to do Q&A on this page.

      BTW, any comment left here that looks nonsensical will be deleted and forgotten. If someone has a device question, please ask it on the relevant post.

      Edit: And i just now noticed that there were 2 old comments left here. They’re gone, too.

  • Mary Ann Lester

    I have a shift 3 LookBook, (powered by Kobo). The number for customer service gave me this web site, but I am not sure why?! I am trying to get on line with the reader to download more books.
    I have not been connected since Christmas when we gave the book to my mother.

  • Shirl Bolds

    I have tried calling your company for the last week to find out how I can find out where my Lookbook shift3. Please I would like to have someone contact me as soon as possible . I have my tracking number from sending it back to you for a new one since it stop working and had streeks on the screen. I have also left messages on the phone and no one has call me back. Are you really a company??? I would like my book replaced.

  • C. Porter

    Dated terminology: “Set top” boxes no longer exist. It’s long past time for tech writers to come up with a meaningful term

    • Nate Hoffelder

      A digitally delivered newspaper is still a newspaper, isn’t it?

      Also, the Apple TV is arguably a set top box. Or at least it would be if not for the fact that TVs are so thin nowadays that you cannot put anything on top.

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