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Apple’s prototype tablet from 1989

December 13th, 2010 · hardware news

I just came across an old article on the Fast Company blog. It was written by Tom Dair, president of Smart Design. Back in 1989, Tom led a team of designers who created a prototype tablet for Apple. The 1989 protoype had:

  • a stylus,
  • a built in stand,
  • camera,
  • speakers,
  • media card slot,
  • and a leather case,

Um, how much do I have to pay to downgrade the iPad to the 1989 model? I’ll take 2, please. [Read more →]

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Hands on with Marvell’s new tablet prototype

November 23rd, 2010 · hardware news

Slashgear got some face time recently with Marvell’s newest prototype. You’re looking at 10″ Android tablet running on a multi-core 1.5GHz Armada 628 CPU. Like their previous prototypes, this one is a reference design that Marvell will customize to suit an OEM partner.

Video is after the break. [

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New tablet prototype (video)

October 14th, 2010 · video

A new tablet prototype showed up last week at Ceatac Japan. Actually, there were probably several dozen, but this one stood out form the crowd. The Japanese telecom KDDI were showing off a new tablet that had the touch screen moved to the back of the device. There’s no word on release date or price.

I don’t think this is a practical design, actually. If the touchscreen is on the back, then you won’t be able to lay the tablet down and use it. That really limits what you can do with it.

[

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New E-reader prototype from Delta

August 16th, 2010 · hardware news

Delta Electronics are a development partner for Bridgestone, and they’ve been working on ereaders based on Bridgestone’s epaper screen technology. The ereader in the video is their new prototype, and it’s one I haven’t seen before.

It’s supposed to be on the shelf in Taiwan by Christmas, but they don’t know the price.


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Fujitsu unveils new color epaper prototype

April 15th, 2010 · hardware news

Akihabara News has an exclusive scoop on Fujitsu’s next ereader prototype. Do you remember when Fujitsu announced the Flepia last year? It never made it out of Japan, and very few were sold. I would bet that this prototype will suffer the same fate.

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