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B&N, Spring Design settle lawsuit

March 2nd, 2011 · lawsuit

Barnes and Noble were probably hoping everyone was distracted by the iPad 2 frenzy when they issued a press release today.

This lawsuit was filed back in 2009. The original complaint was made by Spring Design, and they claimed that Borders had copied some of SD’s intellectual property.

The settlement doesn’t really make much sense, if you ask me. The only part of the settlement that has been released is that B&N get to use all of Spring Design’s patents. Also, the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, which means it can’t be retried.

From the press release:

[

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The Daily will be available on Android this Spring

February 24th, 2011 · software news

All Things D are reporting that The Daily’s iPad exclusive days are numbered.  The Daily is prepping an Android tablet version which should be ready by the end of June this year.

I seem to recall that Rupert Murdoch had promised that The Daily would be iPad until next year, so I really have to wonder why the new app is moving so quickly. [Read more →]

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AmazonEncore to publish 16 titles this spring and summer

January 19th, 2011 · press release

From the press release: today announced that AmazonEncore will introduce 16 books this late spring and summer–all of them novels. AmazonEncore books are available in print format at and national and independent booksellers, and as wireless digital downloads in less than 60 seconds from the Kindle Store ( to Kindle devices and Kindle apps. For more information on AmazonEncore and upcoming titles, visit [Read more →]

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Spring Design, B&N lawsuit to continue

December 28th, 2010 · lawsuit

Do you recall the lawsuit filed by Spring Deisgn? Actually, a better question would be whether you know that the company exists.It’s been so long since Spring Design were in the news that I’m going to have to write a fair amount of background. [Read more →]

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Spring Design Alex to be sold in Russia

August 30th, 2010 · hardware news

Spring Design and Vobis, a Russian tech company, have signed a contract for Vobis to sell the Alex in Russia under the brand name Highscreen. The Alex will be formally launched on 2 September and go on sale later that month. The price has not yet been set.


I’ve had my hands on it, and while it’s a really neat device it wasn’t worth the cost.

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Spring Design Alex to be sold in Japan

July 20th, 2010 · hardware news

Akihabara News are reporting that Spring Design have opened an office in Japan. Retail for the Alex is expected to be priced below 30,000yen ($348). That’s not half bad considering the Alex is $399 in the USA.

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Spring Design Alex to sell in China for $520

July 7th, 2010 · hardware news

I reported back at CES that the Spring Design Alex was going to be sold in China by Hanvon and I then confirmed this back at the beginning of May. Now I can tell you the price. are reporting that the Hanvon T61 is on sale now for 3580 Yuan. Are they nuts?

This ereader (like most) is made in China. You can get an authentic high quality knockoff for probably less than $200. Why would anyone pay $520? Heck, I don’t even think it’s worth $400(the US price).

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Spring Design Alex just got a firmware update

May 14th, 2010 · hardware news

Spring Design is pushing out a firmware update for the Alex. It’s not available on their website; you have to wait for your Alex to check for for it. I’m told it checks once a day.

I’ve just heard back from Spring Design with the details. Here is what they told me:

  • updated the user manual and replaced the PDF with Epub  (it nowhas all the Epub reading features like font sizes)
  • the Alex now automatically shows up as a USB drive (like other Android devices, it had to be manually mounted before)
  • repartitioned the internal memory to support the upcoming Android 1.6 OS (coming later this month)
  • fixed a System Hang bug

I’ve also heard from someone on MobileRead that some type of Twitter feature was added. Can anyone give me more information on that?

Update: I just got a second email from someone else at Spring Design. Here is what he said was changed:

We resolved many bugs at this update. Some big updates are listed as follows:
1. Fixed the system hang bug.
2. Enabled to transfer DRM books from Adobe Digital Edition (PC) to Alex.
3. Enabled Font size for PDF books.
4. Revised User Manual to use ePub format,which is good for reading.
5. Removed Dictionary temporarily because of system space is not enough and will put it back in next Android 1.6 update.

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Spring Design Alex coming to China in June

May 13th, 2010 · hardware news

I first heard about this back at CES 2010 in January, so this isn’t actually news. Even so, it’s good to have confirmation.

MobRead is reporting that the Spring Design Alex will be sold in China by Hanvon as the T61. There is no information yet on price.



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Review: Spring Design Alex

April 30th, 2010 · hardware reviews

So my Alex arrived last week, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it. I have to say that this was an easy review to write. I’ve found very few things wrong with the Alex, and in general, I like it.

You might also want to read my other posts on the Alex. They cover my first and second impressions of the device, and that’s where you’ll find my opinion on the hardware.  I also found an unboxing video yesterday. [Read more →]

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